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Our Mission

VEA Restaurant and WING Restaurant, helmed by Chef Vicky Cheng jointly launch Project Soul Relief, a fundraising initiative in collaboration with ChickenSoup Foundation.

We aim to help special educational needs (SEN) children of low-income single-parent families who are suffering from mental health issues during the fifth wave of covid-19 infections, the profit generated from Project Soul Relief will be donated to ChickenSoup Foundation after the deduction of cost.

The fundraising campaign is ended.
We are grateful for your support towards Project Soul Relief.
Thank you so much!

ChickenSoup Foundation

ChickenSoup Foundation (CSF) serves as the last line of defense to save crisis families from breaking down. Their beneficiaries are led by single-parent families facing multiple crises (medical, financial, and social). They live in extreme poverty and social isolation without breadwinners; suffer from multiple illnesses but yet have a proactive mindset. Their flagship Family Empowerment Program focuses on enabling long-lasting changes. 


VEA Restaurant & WING Restaurant

Executive chef and founder of VEA Restaurant and WING Restaurant, Vicky Cheng started his pioneering “Chinese x French” philosophy at VEA Restaurant in 2015, connecting the bridge between two cultures with local Chinese ingredients through French culinary techniques.


In 2021, WING Restaurant was open with his passion for Chinese cuisine, synergizing the finest of the Eight Great Chinese Cuisines with modern culinary approaches to strike a harmonious and well-balanced sensory experience while showcasing WING’s very own culinary identity, without confining to any culinary constraints.


Together with the restaurant team, we have participated in various charity events including collaboration with ChickenSoup Foundation for “Elizabeth Jam”, supporting The Women’s Foundation (TWF)’s silence auction with prize donation, #onigiriforlove project, Feeding Hong Kong, 50 Best for Recovery Programme “Bid for Recovery '' Auction, Time Auction and so on.

Contact Us

For enquires, please contact us at

ChickenSoup Foundation

VEA Restaurant

WING Restaurant

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